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would anyone else like to see a USA vs The World All Star Game?


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I'd like to try it. I've always loved ASW and the ASG, but both events have jumped the shark in recent years. the dunk contest is a joke now, the actual game had to be changed due to player apathy, and the 3-point contest is now everyone's most highly anticipated event. i think that changing it to USA vs the World would that competitive elect back to the game, and would put some pride back on the line. i also think it would be really cool to see Team USA jerseys while letting the international players wear jerseys that are styled after their home country. i think it would add a lot of excitement and attract some more eyeballs to the game, which really shouldn't be lacking for viewers on a sunday night in february.

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1 hour ago, shadow_operative said:

would love to see this lineup at some point for Team World:







it would have to be biggest lineup ever assembled.

That lineup will have a hard time guarding American wing players

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11 minutes ago, conVINCEd said:

That lineup will have a hard time guarding American wing players

yeah you couldn't leave them on the court together for very long against a regular American lineup, but it would be something to see. and that's without even naming guys like Gobert, Vucevic, Capela, Ayton, Valanciunas, or even potentially KAT, who could opt to play as a representative of the DR. the Team World big men >>>>> Team USA.

also, re: the All-Big Team World lineup, it would be cool to see USA counter with something like this:

Julius Randle



Bam Adebayo



Let those two squads go against each other until the media timeout. i'd love to see that. 


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It's a weird matchup because most of the best big men are international guys right now while almost all of the best guards are American.

The US starting 5 would be:






Big guys off the bench would get thin quickly. I mean after Zion, Bam, Randle it's like Jarret Allen and Myles Turner as a couple of the next guys up. John Collins too, maybe. 

But the guard/wing depth is fucking insane. You still have (not necessarily in order):







Trae Young 

Jamal Murray (Murray is actually Canadian isn't he? Larger point remains)



Jaylen Brown 

Paul George

Klay (if healthy)



Ja Morant


I mean the US has like 45 of the best 50 1-3s in the world (who is the 2nd best international guard or wing behind Luka? And is he better than anyone I just listed?) - but team world has like 5 of the best 8 4s and 5s.

Interesting trend we're seeing right now for sure. 

I think answer for 2nd best international guard is either Jamal Murray or Ben Simmons. Both of whom are like fringe top 30 players in the league. And it gets really weirdly thin after that. 

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10 hours ago, shadow_operative said:

Kyrie was born in Australia, but he probably doesn't believe in countries or nationalities so i doubt it matters.

Kyrie has multiple gold medals playing for the US. The world does not get to claim him. 

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On 6/12/2021 at 11:31 AM, HookEm said:

I might honestly play Bron at center

Roundabout way of saying you have no fucking idea what you're talking about. LeBron has never played the defensive 5 in his life. KD has, however. 

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