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I'm going to post on a different topic from Grant, but that's because there's another thread. I'm not dismissing this.

In German news, perhaps if Germany were a little better, this wouldn't have happened...

Bayern Munich's Manuel Neuer breaks leg skiing, out for season

Manuel Neuer suffered a leg fracture while on a skiing tour, the Germany and Bayern Munich goalkeeper said, ruling him out for the rest of the season.

Neuer, 36, featured for Germany at the World Cup in Qatar but the four-time winners suffered an embarrassing early exit in the group stage.

He posted on Instagram: "What can I say, the end of the year could have definitely gone better ... While I was trying to get my head clear while ski touring, I suffered a lower leg fracture.

"Yesterday's surgery went well. Many thanks to the doctors! However, it hurts to know that the current season is over for me."






The news comes as a blow to Bayern Munich, who return to Bundesliga action against RB Leipzig on Jan. 20. Sven Ulreich is likely to deputise for Neuer, with Bayern four points clear at the top of the table.

"Manuel Neuer has been ruled out for the rest of the season after our captain fractured his right leg during a skiing accident. He has already undergone a successful operation," Bayern Munich said in a statement.

"Wishing you all the best with your recovery, Manu!"



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Not sure if true, but fuck it---Portugal match starting soon and I'm getting into hate-Qatar, love-Oporto mode.  But da fuh?  A defibrilator coulda saved Grant Wahl on site?  Or one in the ambulance they did not put him in, in favor of a fucking Uber?

Two two fucking middle schools near me have defibs in their gymnasiums, but not at 9-figure football venues in a very wealthy country?  How the fuck is that possible?  $50 says the 5-man subcontractor team that was supposed to install them last year all fucking died during final construction.  I hope Saudi Arabia annexes Qatar and kills all their leadership.  

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22 minutes ago, JNip said:

This is the craziest thread I’ve seen in my life. 


The first video started out pretty normal. Drunk young people climbing shit to stand a little higher. I have lots of images of that that I plan on sharing.

Then the thing collapsed and I was like "Whoa... that didn't look good."

Then I realized that you wrote "thread" rather than "video" and so I clicked.

Holy Fucking Shit!

I wonder how many people died in those video, how many suffered permanent brain damage, how many lost their faces, and how many will never walk again.


That's some straight up "Faces of Death" shit from the 1980s. I wonder how many people will be counted as dying across the country "celebrating" the World Cup.

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On 12/24/2022 at 10:21 AM, WBT said:

FS1 is rerunning games all day and into tomorrow morning.  Germany is up 1-0 on Japan in the 65th minute.  I'm sure they'll win convincingly.

You sound like someone who did NOT record every pregame, postgame, and actual game of the entire tournament in both English AND Spanish.

What’s wrong with you?


On 12/27/2022 at 10:51 AM, Trey3216 said:

From that thread JNip sent....


Look at fucking Zacchaeus here in the second video. 





I have some images and videos of people on things they’ve climbed that I will eventually post, but I don’t have have any people losing bouts with gravity.

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1 hour ago, trza-hawk said:

Score a goal against USA in World Cup, shown the door from a team in the Dutch league a couple weeks later.


That is how low we are on the world stage. FYGB!

Just set us up to fail in the knockout rounds because he sucked so much ass in Games 1 & 3.

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