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3 hours ago, A-Tex Devil said:

In London tomorrow night.  How hard is it to get back to Mayfair from Dagenham after the game?

Super easy from what I can tell. Looks like you take the District Line to either Central, Elizabeth or Jubilee line (take your pick). The underground is super easy to get around on. 
The game will end around 10 PM London time and the subways should still be running. 

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This is a pseudo game in hand for Wrexham. They (and Notts County) will be even on the schedule for a week until Notts plays their make up game next week, at which time Wrexham will have a game in hand again.

Still, this 0-2 halftime lead is a good way to get their buffer back.

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On 3/6/2023 at 11:17 AM, deech said:

Someone at ESPN or FOX should be smart enough to broadcast this game live.

With the FA Cup home leg and this last match......almost have to feel snake bit a bit.  Have to keep hoping that they keep grinding.

The only question is can they get a single game? I don't know if that is possible.

That said, if it was possible, ESPN in conjunction with Hulu would be silly not to get it.

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2 hours ago, Ted Lange said:

W Wrexham.   Decent week for Wryan Wreynolds. 

Fantastic week. Notts County ended with a 1-1 draw today. That puts them 3 points clear with a game in hand. 

The two belligerents we care about have 8 games left to play. 

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On 2/28/2023 at 5:42 PM, Captain Ron said:

Further mucking things up is the FA Trophy. The QFs are being played Mar 11 with no conflicts. The semi-finals are April 1. Altrincham is still alive in the tournament as of now and scheduled to play Notts that same weekend. So if they advance, Notts will have that game moved, likely to the Apr 18 the same day as Wrexham's makeup game.

I was mistaken about this date. This game was moved UP to March 28th. It has something to do with National League games being a priority over other leagues.



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On 3/23/2023 at 7:44 AM, RamjetFDO said:

Ben foster, Ben foster 

he’s older than dirt 

but he gets to more balls

than your average pervert!


I'm still new to the football chant thing 

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Notts County won 0-2 yesterday over Altrincham. That puts them level with Wrexham on points, +2 on GD and +3 on Goals on Wrexham. That said, Wrexham now has 2 games in hand.

This weekend Notts has no game (it was the Altrincham game yesterday) while Wrexham hosts Oldham Athletic. That will be their first game in hand. Both play on the 7th and then head to head at Wrexham on the 10th.

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Super Paul Mullins gets his hat trick in stoppage time to take him to I believe 31 goals on the year.

Dude from Notts has 40 (impressively, none of these are penalties. 40 matches the previous National League season record).


Never thought I'd be googling the National League Golden Boot race, but alas.

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38 minutes ago, Pato del Muerto said:

I think notts knows they probably need to win the match v wfc to have more than a long shot chance at the title and auto prom.  A draw or worse there for them puts it into an area of unlikelihood that wfc were to falter badly enough. 

That game is a true 6 pointer. No matter what, Wrexham will have the game in hand. If Notts wins, they are in the mix (even on points). If they lose, they are 6 back. I agree due to the game in hand even a draw does them little good (remain 3 back). 

24 minutes ago, SimonBolivar said:

If anyone besides Wrexham and Notts go up it'll be a travesty. 

Yet I wouldn’t bet against it. I think #2 has come out of the playoff only once in the last 5 seasons. This division is brutal to get out of. 

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