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Surly 2023 March Madness Bracket Contest


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it's going to take me some time to verify everything (all was well through wednesday and then thursday morning was fucking wild and I was getting PM's and payments sent to me left and right for over an hour)- and i have to refund a couple of people's payments because their brackets never came through, but i have AT LEAST 62 verified payments (and likely a few more once i go through everything).  this is my first day back at work since last wednesday so i'm catching up on a bunch of shit here but i should have a final tally by tomorrow at the latest.  

but again, at minimum there is $1550 in the pot. 

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i'm coming up with 65 paid entrants.  still not sure i have every espn username correct (some of you can't follow directions for shit) so i'm not going to purge any entries right now and will just verify that the top 3 of the end of actually paid before distributing payments.

65 x 25 = 1,625 total in the pot.  $1,125 to first, $325 to second, $175 to third.

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52 minutes ago, BigOrange1 said:

i put in for all the money transfers this morning.  once that happens, payouts will go out - most likely by the end of the week.  i'll be in touch with those who finished in the top 3.

congrats to you all!

Fucking UCONN.

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