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Abilene Christian @ Texas - 6:30 on LHN

Horny Bull

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37 minutes ago, NorthLoop said:

O'Dowd looks like an 80s movie frat boy.


9 minutes ago, TexArcher said:

Jack O'dowd looks like one of James Spader's sidekicks in an 80's movie.

Or like the last guy on the Cobra Kai roster, who doesn't get any speaking lines.


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Just now, HenryJames said:


I know the dude is a chode, but ever since he finally shut the fuck up when Zubia came to bat, and only chants Texas Fight at a reasonablely correct time,  hes finally not a raging pain in the ass anymore.


still a chode, still a pita occasionally, but light years away from his prime DDA days 

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