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Abilene Christian @ Texas - 6:30 on LHN

Horny Bull

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10 minutes ago, ClubWhatever said:

That’s what’s great about baseball.  Theoretically the game could go on forever. 




"Although the game starts normally enough it becomes increasingly surreal as it proceeds through its more than 2000 innings and weeks of play. Visitors to the game include the President of the US and Leonardo da Vinci. Players die or disappear and the later stages of the game are played in the pouring rain that increasingly threatens the town. The statue of the Black Angel from the local cemetery ends up playing in right field and batting .300."

The book gets even weirder than that.

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1 minute ago, Spaceman_Spiff said:

Great win. Weird too, because ACU isn’t a pushover. Think this is a Q2 win.

Yep. RPI up a few spots to #17. It’s a solid midweek win.

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