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White Men Can’t Jump


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33 minutes ago, Macanudo said:

And yet, it will do $350,000,000 at the box office.

Is it in the theaters? Said Hulu on there. Looks like a straight to VHS special if this was 1993. 

They couldn't find a Puerto Rican female lead? Out. She made the movie hilarious. "Why don't you just give heem ALL da money??!!"

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11 minutes ago, longhornmatt said:

Purposely picking bad actors with no charisma for a movie that is about two charismatic leads you’re supposed to like even as they talk trash and con people was a bold move.  I don’t think it’s going to work out for them.

I’m not anti remakes but this looks worse than the point break and can’t buy me love remakes

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With YouTube Gen Zs are discovering the science of jumping. So plenty of kids can dribble like the Professor, shoot like Curry, and dunk like Westbrook, but not know how to play the game.

Should be “White Men Can’t Play Fundamentally Sound”

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