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10 hours ago, Ravishing Rick said:

Who are we looking for in the portal?  LBs?  Secondary help?  OL?

We'll get a feel for that after the coordinators are announced. It's probably safe to assume pass rush and OL, and maybe LB or WR, then some best available types. Depending on what LJ does, they may look for a RB. I don't think we're done with transfers out, either so we'll probably see more backfill on defense. I would be mildly surprised if any skill position guys chose to leave after the show last night. 

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Update on the Sooners in the portal

Tanner Mordecai, quarterback, 4*, contributor> SMU; he looked competent in limited action. Reasonable chance to win a spot
TJ Pledger, running back, 4*, contributor > Utah; will likely figure into their RB rotation
John Michael Terry, LB, 3*, contributor, Tulsa; he'll be good for them

Jalin Conyers, tight end, 4*, redsirt > Arizona State; high upside
Chandler Morris, quarterback, 3*, reshirt > TCU, may be a good fit there
Robert Barnes, S/LB, 4*, contributor, _______________; not quick or fast enough for safety; not strong enough for LB
Charleston Rambo, wide receiver, 4*,starter > Miami; floor raising WR. Has speed, minimal YAC, doesn't get contested balls, lots of high leverage drops in 2020

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7 hours ago, UncleSonny said:


No idea if this guy is any good/has played but former 5-star OT is always worth a look.


Offered by Alabama with Lupoi as his primary recruiter fwiw.


Can we send a bag to this kid?

Roach said something about Flood already on him.

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7 hours ago, texifornia said:

It's been covered upthread - the reason SuperK dropped the shades emoji is because he's going to OU.

Did OU finish second behind Tenn. when he committed out of hs?


Everyone called him an ou lock practically the same time he announced his transfer.

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4 minutes ago, texifornia said:

Good soldier for the program despite his penchant for backbreakingly timed fuckups. Good luck, kid.


So scholarship RBs we've got Roschon, Bijan and Brooks (and maybe that transfer whose name escapes me)? Maybe we kinda do need to land LJ.

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