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1874 SAA.  4 digit frame.  Not factory grips but been on the gun as long as anyone knows.  At least 80 years.  

Just got my .264 win mag back.  This is a pre-64 Model 70 I had picked up at auction. Barrel was somewhat shot out when I got it and had some rust damage to the finish.  Action was very clean so

Got my new hog rig in today (Tavor 7). May have to quarantine my ass to the pig stand tomorrow night to see if I can get my first kill with it. It's a heavy SOB, especially with the thermal, but beca

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3 hours ago, TexasEd said:

Ordered a new AR lower yesterday.  Thinking of pros/cons of another rifle in maybe a different barrel length or a pistol.  This that have pistol ARs do you shoot them?

I shoot my AR pistols....hell I hunt with my .300blk Miltac MTF 7". 

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As previously mentioned, my favorite YouTube channel (or one of my three favorite)

Forgotten Weapons https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgottenWeapons/videos

This was from a week ago, and is cool as shit:



This particular four-barrel shotgun is in 20 gauge, and exhibits a unique trigger mechanism derived from the pistols. It has two triggers, with the bottom one acting as a cocking lever and the top as a firing trigger. This allows the shooter to either cock the gun and then make a careful shot with the light upper trigger, or to pull all the way through with the upper trigger, much like a double action revolver. The reason for the system was that the firing mechanism had four firing pins but only one striker, which rotated to fire each barrel in sequence. The “cocking” action of the trigger was in fact the process of retracting the striker and rotating it to the next barrel.


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On 3/26/2018 at 9:20 AM, Bert Orange said:

That’s a tad untrue. They make some pretty decent hunting rifles. 

Remington was too slow to capitalize on the growing AR market.  Their 1911 flopped.  No other pistol options to fall back on.  Their shotguns are uninspiring and far down the pecking order.  I only buy Core-Locks when there are no other ammo options.  Their rifles are fine.  They are "ok".  They rested on their laurels for way too long on their vulnerable 700 action.  Problem is, the market passed them by.  On the low end, If I"m entering the market, I'm thinking Savage (probably Axis), Mossberg, or the new Ruger Ranch/Predator lines (which I"m probably going to be getting for the boy - Ranch in 762x39).  Start ratcheting up the price, then I'm looking at Howa, CZ, or Tikka first.  Get into four figures, then it's Weatherby, Sako (A7), Browning Hell's Canyon, or the new Bergara 14R in 6.5C.  Then throw in Kimber and the multitude of custom and semi-custom options.  Layer on the chassis-rifles systems and long-range AR's.  Not a good time to be leveraged in debt.  

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42 minutes ago, Dontshootrude said:

These guys built it: https://accurateordnance.com

I highly recommend them.

The barrel is a Bartlein.  I routinely get 1/4 MOA accuracy at 100 yards with 140 grn factory ammo.

Ahh, now I’m tracking. I read Accurate Ordinace as Accuracy International (the chassis manufacturer). I’m shooting almost the same gun, built by Long Rifles Inc in my posts above, can’t say enough about it.

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19 minutes ago, Chewy's Hairy Horn said:

About 4 years after we'd moved into a new home, my wife found something heavy and metal on an unused top shelf in our bathroom. She called me in to get it because she couldn't reach that high.  This is what I pulled out, loaded.  After 4 years, you think you know a house... 

My dad made the holster.  


Previous owner?  Nice.  

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