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Dumbass Shit We See On Facebook

Vic Mackey

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On 9/17/2023 at 10:17 AM, SurlyBDR said:


Damn, this brings back a funny memory. In A school in Pensacola we threw a hotel party, basically got a couple shitty rooms at the Days Inn or the Knights Inn can't remember which one this was but we did both regularly. Hammered off OG 4 loko, Taaka vodka, and Bacardi 151, my buddy orders what he thinks are 20 crab rangoons. The moron ordered 20 orders of them and we had a shit ton of those mfers, the morning after was not great at all. I couldn't eat them again for a few years 

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Their checkout process is a beating. And the aisles are so crowded with their big ass carts
I saved so much money when I stopped going to Costco. My wife would always buy $100 worth of useless shit. I understand if you are buying diapers and have a bunch of kids, or don't have HEB, otherwise fuck that beating of a shopping experience.
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