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2022 US Open tennis


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Probably the two biggest sweaters on the tour, they took a 10 minute change break after the 3rd set.

I tuned in late in the 3rd, so I didn’t see what happened before, but Chris Fowler (?) said that it was the second 10 minutes change break of the match. (Is that right?)

I think that Foe may be a little lighter than in years past… and Rafa is a little older. 

Also, Foe with a 135 mph serve in the 3rd set and they said that he has had a couple of 135 mphs, 138 mph, and a 131 mph. 

Re: Noise in the stadium

During Kyrgios’ match last Monday (which I attended), it was late and probably only 20% capacity and you could hear a drunk group laughing at some comment as they were chatting rather than watching the match. 

Big Foe with 137 mph Ace.

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4 minutes ago, Stringer said:

Been a Tiafoe fan since I saw his story on Real Sports. What a story. Would be awesome to knock off Nadal

He's played phenomenally. I'm a huge Rafa fan, but Tiafoe has been nails today, and you gotta give it to him if he can knock out Rafa

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Holy Shit!

That return of serve at 0-30 by Tiafoe was INSANE!!

Great effort from Big Foe. The best I’ve ever seen him play, but Rafa seemed like he was fighting Frances and Father Time. 

Re: Tiafoe Fitness Update

Foe is ripped right now. Slimmer and pure muscle. And where has that serve come from? 

He’s easy to pull for. 

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Kyrgios & Kokkonakis are OUT of doubles after being up 8-6 in the 3rd set tie-breaker. 

I was pulling for them, but I’m kind of glad that Kyrgios will have some rest and light practices in between his matches rather than serving 35-50 monster first serves on his rest days. 

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1 hour ago, Napoleon said:

I don’t think that he has “Big Time Rafa” this tournament. 

He just seems about 85%-90% of what he would need to be to win. His pressing on 2nd serves are a big indication of that.

Rarely do you see someone make Rafa change his game. Tiafoe did that today. Made Rafa go for more aces or service winners. Rafa is the GOAT, imo, so good for Tiafoe.

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4 minutes ago, Hefeweizen said:

Holy shit between Collins resting bitch face and Sabalenka screaming this is pretty difficult to pick a side.

There really needs to be a rule change that penalizes continuing to scream after the ball has crossed the net. 

Sabalenka 🇧🇾 & Trevisan 🇮🇹 on the women’s side and Sonego 🇮🇹 on the men’s side are the biggest offenders. 

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