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Post-Beard Game #4 - Texas @ Iowa State, 7pm, ESPN+


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2 minutes ago, texastroubadour said:

Do they not sell form fitting clothing in Ames?

You don't want to see that. 

1 minute ago, BrazilHorn said:

Terry not calling a TO with Mitchell laying on ground is pretty poor. 

Not how that works. 

Pro tip: quit handing them the ball

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5 minutes ago, LTtxfan said:

Turnovers and 3pt shots get cyclones back into game...

4:53 left 1st half

Texas   29      cyclones   26


2 minutes ago, LTtxfan said:

Texas is not matching the cyclones energy in the last 3-4mins...

Can't continue this on the road and expect to Win...

3:35 left in 1st half

34 - 34

Texas really sloppy with the ball in several recent possessions -- can't score without the ball dumbasses...

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Just poor all-around play for a long stretch here. Can't leave 22 open at the arc, and certainly can't kick the ball around without getting a good look on our end. 

Get Rice a bunch of touches inside the arc and run up our FT total before the half. 

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1 minute ago, Pato del Muerto said:

I wonder how the half changes if they correctly call the dangerous foul of undercutting a player in the air. Was an 8 point game, they went down and made it 5 with their 5 on 4 advantage, instead of Texas shooting fts and getting the ball. 

I logged on just to comment on that.  Happened right in front of the ref.  Clearly a dangerous play, he undercut him well after he was in the air and instead they get advantage?  That ref should be permanently banned after the game. There is no excuse for that.

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