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Paris 2024 will have breakdancing as a new official sport (along with 3 others)


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26 minutes ago, elfenix said:

about 30 years too late but whatever.  olds are gonna complain about it anyway. 

Oh I don't mind breakdancing in the least, and welcome the competition. It's just not a sport. And us olds are probably more likely to enjoy or have enjoyed breakdancing than the youngs are.

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I know how we're getting a Surly suite for every sport and a premium tailgate for every game.  

You'll be allowed to have your own uniform and dancing surface, right?  And everybody from cyclists to downhill skiers can have logos on their gear?  

Any Western country competitors who remember how breakdancing started, your dance surface will be painted to "look" like a cardboard box that's been flattened and spread out on a sidewalk or parking lot with a portable stereo in the corner.  And on the box will be painted like it was shipped to you with the logos of your shoes, sox, pants, shirt, hat, jewelry, music provider, etc.  Particularly if you can use their logos from the 1980's if available.  I'd tune in just to see that shit.  Also helps it's the 40th anniversary of the Los Angeles games, the city where Special K, Ozone, and Turbo cut their teeth.  

That's how you make breakdancing an Olympic Event.

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