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Burnt Ends BBQ Extravaganza May 28th, Who wants to go for Free?


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Rogue Shop will be donating to the Burnt Ends NIL program with SurlyHorns. With that being said, we will be giving away our seat at the table, who wants to go in our stead? 

I have written down a number in between 1 and 50. Post your number (DO NOT DUPLICATE NUMBERS, ONLY ONE NUMBER PER PERSON, THE FIRST PERSON TO PICK THAT NUMBER OWNS THAT NUMBER, SO PAY ATTENTION TO THE THREAD) I will let the winner know via DM, but won’t announce it till 8pm tomorrow Saturday the 27th, Good luck 🤘🏽

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I thought more people would want to go, Lets Change the Numbers to 1-50 , The number still has not changed. So hint hint, its not more than 50. So those who chose over 50 you can change your number now. 

11 hours ago, ztejas said:


Change your number to 1- 50. 

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4 hours ago, SquishMitten said:

I choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.


Ztejas can have 7. I’ll still take the rest of the field


2 hours ago, NWAustinDude said:




39 minutes ago, MrRogue said:

Winner Winner Dinner with TEs for you sir 

Apparently you vitamin manufacturers have no respect for time stamps. Outrageous! I will be taking my business elsewhere. (Also, just placed another order from you)

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