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do you ever yearn?

Kel Varnsen

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25 minutes ago, 'stache said:

I’m the 90s could you really go to the airport, buy a ticket, board the plane, then get off the plane and get a refund? That seems really bizarre. Absent a medical emergency or call about an emergency (back then it would be a call to the airport and they’d then have to find you) why would there be any reason  to leave a plane once boarded? Also, if it was a points scheme, you generally don’t get points if refunded (I guess you could trick the credit card company if they allowed for cash refund for a credit purchase). That was just a weird plot, seemingly even back then.

Same season, the bereavement fare. The scheme was that George would pretend he’s buying the ticket for Kramer so that Kramer could get frequent flyer miles, but George would use the ticket. Could you really board a plane using someone else’s ticket back then? Seems odd even pre 9-11. The story was also that Kramer was the bereaved but at the end George is trying to get the reimbursement with a picture of himself by the casket. And finally, the ticket was $350 which George and Kramer were each going to pay 1/4. That’s about $87 each. Would the points really be worth more than that amount to Kramer? And wouldn’t points be based off the discounted price not the full price?

The frequent flyer miles story in both plots always confused me.

The 90's were a lawless time where everyone wore pastel colors and were beboppin' and scattin' all over the airport.

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On 1/22/2023 at 12:34 PM, YGIFS said:

Yeah, they would go through intensive periods of pop culture references, and then intentionally avoid them for other long stretches.  

Remember about the time we're in college, Snapple was fucking huge.  Before Arizona Iced Tea, Snapple was all the rage particular on the East Coast.  I wasn't even a fan, but I probably drank a handful per week for a couple years there.

Oh yeah there was like year or two where Snapple was huge/everywhere... I remember my freshman year in college ('93-94) having my little dorm fridge stocked with Snapple Peach Iced Tea.

They were basically just making fun of the ubiquity of it at the time.

But then I also saw an interview one time where basically most of the product placements they threw in (Yoo-hoo, Junior Mints, Drake's Coffee cake, Pez, Clark Bar, Twix, etc.) were generally just random stuff the writers really liked.

By the time Seinfeld became a hit, they generally had no problem on usage... but the one time they were turned down was the food that Rusty the horse was originally supposed to be eating was Chef Boyardee beef ravioli... but I guess they didn't think it was funny that a horse was eating it and then getting terrible flatuence so it became "Beef-a-reeno" lol.

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Of course this is Central Park. It was designed in 1850 by Joe Peppitone.

It was built during the Civil War so the northern armies could practice fighting on grass...

17 hours ago, Biff Tannen said:

Another Een sighting!  At the bar when Kramer is trying to tempt Barry Prophet.  Here's to feeling good all the time.

LOL I noticed that too when I watched that episode the other day.


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