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do you ever yearn?

Kel Varnsen

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12 hours ago, oSuJeff97 said:

almost a faux documentary style where it would be following Jerry around during the day showing how he got his ideas for his stand-up.

Obviously they gave in on that point, but I thought it was pretty interesting that they wanted to do that, given that about ~10 years later that became the de facto format for sitcoms with The Office (BBC and NBC), Arrested Development, Parks & Rec, Always Sunny, etc., etc.

arrested development and always sunny?  

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11 hours ago, Biff Tannen said:


Your callback knowledge of completely unrelated information is beyond impressive.  I can do quotes and can truly dissect a Larry David denouement (he is truly a master in that will be remembered above Fitzgerald).  But you can remember apartment numbers, addresses, colors of articles of clothing, etc.  It's beyond impressive.  You're like a worthless Rain Man.  Instead of using your skills to fleece casinos, you win pub trivia for a prize which I can only assume is a tenderloin, a salad, and a baked potato at 9:00p but for early bird pricing.  

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I wouldn't just lie there but I would definitely let her be on top and direct traffic.  No way I could keep myself from grabbing some ass then some breasts.  But she strikes me as somebody that doesn't want anybody else to influence the pace with a lot of superfluous handplay.   

I'm not a physically violent man.  Brad Hall could whisk my children outta the street from being hit by a bus just a second before certain death.  And I would still sit him down on the curb to thank him, but end up beating the living shit out of him in front of my own daughters.  

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