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2021 Houston Astros Thread

Planet Houston

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5 minutes ago, Rockethorn1978 said:

All right resident experts give me the run down on Garcia. Is this a good addition? Or meh?

he was having a great season until the past several weeks where he's leveled off.  i can't imagine we'll keep adding closers, but what do i know.

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I was about to say I wonder what Miami would want for Bleier and life long Longhorn John Curtiss, but Yimi Garcia is a good piece. Acquire closers that become high leverage setup guys for us. Though his stats say he'd be better like how Oakland uses Petit.

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I hope Strom sees something he can fix because a lot of those numbers are trending in a bad direction.  He gets hit kind of hard for someone who has good stuff.

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27 minutes ago, Scraps said:
48 minutes ago, Gourmand said:
Wow, Austin Pruitt DFA'd.

Pretty sure someone still had to be moved for Montero being active....thats what twitter told me earlier.

How so?

We traded two and got two in return so Montero's spot on the roster was already open. 


Edit: Robel being recalled filled that spot on the active roster. The DFA of Pruitt did leave an opening on the 40-man. 

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11 minutes ago, henrygandorf said:

did he say something?  i'm not really watching the game today.

no, but a camera zoomed in on him just looking stoic in the dugout by himself

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Per this ESPN article Scherzer has ruled out Houston as a trade destination, first time I've seen that.



Where Max Scherzer could land at deadline: Sources say Max Scherzer would approve a trade to any of the West Coast teams pursuing a deal for the Nationals ace, but he has ruled out Houston and Philadelphia as destinations. Scherzer can veto a trade using his 10-and-5 rights (10 years of service, five with the same team). -- Jesse Rogers


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