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2021 World Series: Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves


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29 minutes ago, Enchubben said:

I wonder what the Yankees fans think about the series so far; given that they’re at home eating shitty bbq right now not watching their team play?

They're are just happy Helobious is still masturbating furiously to them.

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1 minute ago, ztejas said:

So are the Stros just punting this one or what? 

The fans definitely thought the Braves would just roll over, seems that attitude carried over to the team somewhat. Astros came out a little flat, Braves came out swinging. Long game though, Morton isn’t super sharp either. 

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4 minutes ago, shadow_operative said:






He was 7% better than league average offensively. Nothing he said was incorrect. The Astros team as a whole, if they were all combined into one hitter, are 16% better than league average. It’s baseball and a 7 game series. Literally anything can happen. And with McCullers down they have a definite starting pitching advantage. But it isn’t arguable who has the better offense. That doesn’t mean anything. The Orioles swept us at home over three games. The rangers swept us. It’s baseball. Anything can happen. It’s not like it’s the NBA where the better team always wins, and geeks at 538 have us roughly 3% better than Atlanta in their Elo Chess rankings so it’s not like the advantage, while quantifiable, is all that big, all that important, or at all likely to show up over a best 4 out of 7. 
it’s like people saying Rick Barnes sucks as a coach because he lost 3.7 more tournament games than expected over 20 appearances. It’s dumb. 

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12 minutes ago, Buzzrock said:

That was absolutely smoked. LFG!

Congrats. I never expected my team to ever wins World Series in my lifetime. I’m still on house money from 2017 though obviously want to win this one. Lots of bad memories from my late adolescence and getting drilled by Atlanta seemingly every year coming back to me. 

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2 minutes ago, kingkoopa6 said:

oh shyt . CM out.. thats big..

smash pad mack must have sent a text to Charlie..

Yeah only 2 1/3 innings and CM leaves injured.  If he can't return in World Series, both teams are now without a big-time starter due to injury...  

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1 hour ago, kingkoopa6 said:

dang.. i didn't know the braves were this good. im impressed 

Sometimes a team actually comes together and becomes better than the sum of its parts...

still a lot of game/series left but these boys should be celebrated regardless the end result


There is a lot of Astros rebuild blueprint on the Braves side.

This series is a testament to better baseball management.

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