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Help me sell a 25yo RV

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2 hours ago, Kennythetiger said:

I buy and sell on BigIron. Not sure about their RV market, though. 
Buddy took your house, you took his RV?  

Ha, nah grandfather passed a few years ago, trying to sell it for my grandmother.

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4 hours ago, George said:

25 year old RV would scare the hell out of me. What kind of money you talking?

Looking online it looks like they go somewhere between 10-15k. If I could give my 88yo grandmother 10k I’m sure she’d be fine with that.  Not really looking to make a profit on it.

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Had some dealers come by, they offered  $3k, 4$k, and $5k.

I showed it to a guy a week back who said $10k was too rich for him offered it to him for $8k he talked me down to $7500.

Hoping this is over with, but he asked for a week to pull together the money so we’ll see.

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Sorry to hear about your Grandpa

& This is an actual Recreational VEHICLE vs. a camper, yeah?

Far too many people use the "RV" nomenclature when it's actually not self propelled.


Also, why not try https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/forum/19-best-buy-coupons/


(& Yes, I saw you had a tire kicker who wanted to scrape together some coin).

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