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World Cup Day 11 - Group C & D Final Matchday

Captain Ron

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30 minutes ago, Napoleon said:

Perhaps you’ve already forgotten about the shit PK attempt in the first half for Argentina. 

ALSO, if you are blaming Argentina, then it’s the 3rd time in the last 16 1/2 years that Argentina has knocked México out of the World Cup.


I was being tongue and cheek I was hoping the emoji gave it away. See my reply to you in the thread a few days ago. I show all the times we have been eliminated by Argentina, including the win 2-0 a few days ago.

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25 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:

This thread is good stuff


A friend from high school (a bit younger) is a professor at a prestigious mid-Atlantic university (don’t know if he teaches undergrads, grad students, or both) and he posted this yesterday:


Then today, an amiga who is a professor at “The Catholic University of Argentina” (Buenos Aires’ Puerto Madero compound) posted this of guys watching:

Argentina 🇦🇷 v 🇵🇱 Poland

…right before their end of semester / year-end exam.

(This is either an eating area or actually in their classroom.)



If you fail an end-of-semester exam in Argentina, you can just retake it a few months later.

I think that you can retake it at least twice before having to actually retake the course and there are about 4 or 5 exam windows throughout the year.

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