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Tell me about ou


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Prestigious, world renowned institute of higher learning. It's research has produced numerous examples of innovations that not only advance our great country, but humanity as a whole. 

Wait, what was the question again?

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In a historic decision, OU announced March 26 that former oil executive and major university donor James Gallogly will be OU’s next president.

Gallogly, 65, will succeed current OU President David Boren, whose 23-year tenure leading the state’s largest university will come to an end when he retires effective June 30. Gallogly’s selection is the result of a monthslong presidential search process conducted largely in secret by OU’s Board of Regents, a representative search committee and an outside professional search firm.

The regents made the selection official at a 7:30 a.m. meeting March 26 after a period of deliberation following seven candidate interviews March 9 and 10.


Gallogly, an OU law alumnus, has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the energy and oil sector, serving most recently as CEO of plastic, chemical and refining company LyondellBasell and previously in various executive roles at ConocoPhillips, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and Phillips Petroleum Company.

While in his role as CEO of LyondellBasell, Gallogly led the company out of bankruptcy and into its current spot as the nation’s second-largest chemical company.

The namesake of OU’s Gallogly College of Engineering, Gallogly has made significant donations to support the expansion of OU’s engineering programs. A $30 million gift from Gallogly, in tandem with Peggy and Charles Stephenson, allowed for the creation of a new school of biomedical engineering, a new building to house the school named after Gallogly and the establishment of 12 endowed positions and $3.5 million for graduate fellowships.


Gallogly is also a member of the Gallogly College of Engineering's Board of Visitors and the University of Colorado Engineering Advisory Council. He earned a juris doctorate from the OU College of Law in 1977 and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in 1974.

The former oil executive’s presidency will follow Boren’s distinguished tenure in higher education, marked by significant growth in academic programs, campus improvements and university initiatives that have landed OU a spot among the top 100 schools nationwide and top 50 public schools. Since Boren first stepped into the role in 1994, he has initiated more than 30 new programs, including the Honors College, the College of International Studies and an international study center in Arezzo, Italy.


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Let's see...  I'll try and be objective:

 1.  They are a poor school. 'Poor' in the sense that the have few departments worth any kind of shit. Tech actually has better options for students looking to go in the big 3. 'Poor' also in the sense that they make poor academic faculty choices and hires. 

2. They have sold their soul to their athletic department. While UT has a bloated, burocratic mess with more money than places to put it, OU has a lamprey style relationship with theirs. 

3. Their actual student body is unimpressive academically (and phenotypically). 

4. Norman is a less interesting Waco

5. They put ketchup on brisket and don't know what real BBQ is.

6. They enjoy spay painting shit on overpasses.

7. Their land sucks and they need to steal our water. 

8. In Austin, our mad bombers blow themselves up on purpose, not outside the stadium by accident.

9. They eat salsa from New York City.

10. They're into meth instead of cocaine 




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38 minutes ago, texpete said:

Academic smack, from a public school not in California. 

Cute. LOL. 


Stupid people usually reference alternative untrue facts. It's called clinical denial. 


I chose to go to UT over Stanford.  Were you in the same boat?

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