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9 hours ago, Carl Spackler said:

I'm just here to say that Amir Garrett is a jackass.  That is all.

Yeah.  I guess I was fooled last year with the whole take on all of Pittsburgh thing which at the time I thought was cool and funny.

Didn’t realize he wanted to make that his whole persona.


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11 minutes ago, shnsajax said:

Cubs and Reds have combined for 10hrs so far today. 12-12 in the 9th currently.

And the Cubs are forced to pinch hit Arrieta with runners on 2nd and 3rd because they're out of bench players . . . in the 10th inning.  Jaaaaaysus.

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1 hour ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Whoa, that ain’t gone. 

That was some next level trolling by the baseball gods

hoskins thinks he’s tied it up with 2 outs in the 9th and that he’s redeemed himself for the below earlier in the game.

then replay shows it bounced off the top rail, is a double, and Harper strikes out to end the game.

baseball gods ain’t going to let you get away with this


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2 hours ago, Helobious said:

They need to get rid of the error. It’s purely subjective, and scorers are laughably reluctant to hand them out nowadays. It’s become a pointless stat.

the opposite of this is true. it makes absolutely no sense that everyone is ok with some dude determining whether or not every single pitch is a ball or a strike, but that we don't trust an official scorer to rule that there was an error whenever a can of corn lands in the OF and scores three runs because the sun was in the OF's eyes. we actually need *more* errors. call it a team error if you want, but stop charging earned runs to pitchers every time a harmless pop fly is allowed to drop.

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On 4/29/2021 at 5:38 PM, henrygandorf said:

cut boone some slack.  his best hitter is odor.

Any Surly poster could do Boone's job. He doesn't make a single decision not dictated by the analytics boys. I live in the NYC area so I get to hear all the tales. Stanton on an 8 game hitting streak, with 3 hits a piece in the previous 3 games, and they sit him for his "scheduled" rest. Analytics work over 162 games, but they're absolute shit in the playoffs and are incapable of accounting for streaks and guts. The game was built on institutional knowledge of the little things that happen from day to day. The great Managers of yore made decisions in the moment with an understanding of game dynamics, situational knowledge, and gut.

I think of Augie taking an offensive timeout to provide some ethereal bit of wisdom gleaned over decades of watching the game that results in a bases-clearing double from a .230 hitter.  Fuck, Chris Carmichael never sees the plate in the analytics world.

"I came to the field today feeling really good," Carmichael said. "I just wanted to take that good feeling to the field. I'm just glad I played because I don't think I could have watched the game from the dugout because of all the drama that goes through a national championship game."

Augie played a hunch, based on that day, in the single biggest game of the year. His hunch resulted in a 3 run homer, clinching the title, from a guy who had only 3 homers in 99 games during his career.  That way of approaching and playing the game is gone, replaced by Excel spreadsheets that can't account for the things that make sports great.

MLB Managers don't manage anymore. They are mid-level supervisors who simply implement the policies dictated from above. Perhaps one of these days Cashman will figure out that the analytics approach is resulting in 100+ wins and Divisional/League loss every year, and nothing more. 11 years and counting and still too stubborn to recognize the failure.  That ain't Boone's doing.

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I think the extra inning rule should be that you have to pitch a position player.  I'm halfway serious because who doesn't love watching an outfielder come in and fire 72 mph fastballs?  Plus, it would spur development of pitcher/position player hybrids, which is awesome.  

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Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa is under the microscope again.

La Russa said he didn't fully know the extra-inning rule that would have allowed him to avoid using closer Liam Hendriks as a baserunner in a 0-0 game against the Reds on Wednesday in Cincinnati.

Hendriks had double-switched into the game in the bottom of the ninth inning, taking the No. 5 spot in the batting order, which made the last out in the top of the frame. Per MLB rules, as extra innings begin, the spot in the order to make the last out in the previous inning becomes the baserunner at second base. However, if that spot is occupied by a pitcher, the team has the option to use the preceding player in the batting order as the runner. In this case, it would have been Jose Abreu.

"I didn't know that," La Russa said after the 1-0 loss. "We all thought Liam was going to be the runner. I wasn't aware Abreu could have run. I thought it was the guy that made the last out or the spot in that order."


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36 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Rendon, Springer, Yelich all back to the IL in last two days. That’s a whole lot of $ chillin’. 

i'm wondering if it's the coronavirus/pandemic effect. the number of injuries to superstar players in the NBA was through the roof this year. it seemed like at least 2/3 of the top 20 or so players missed significant time with injuries, and many of them are still out now. can't say for sure if the strange/truncated off-season is playing a role, but it makes me wonder.

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18 minutes ago, UTexasFight said:

Joc just pimped a flyout to the warning track to mookie that he thought was a walkoff against Jansen.

such a dumbass.

He looked a fool for sure.  Mookie better come through here.

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