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Comprehensive video breakdown of the 2021 Class

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56 minutes ago, Texas Homer said:

100% all the UT channels on YouTube are united and we all know each other behind the scenes. Great group of guys. The goal is to provide fans the content we wanted growing up. Trying to compete with each other just weakens the community.

Are you sure it’s not just you with several personalities?

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42 minutes ago, UDontKnow said:

Not a fan of the intro sound byte. I managed to scare my mother and my dog at the same time. Thanks a lot Homer.

Animated GIFs graphic | Homer simpson, The simpsons movie, Homer

Haha it's the 'Wilhelm Scream' which film directors put in their movies as a running joke for the directors that came before them. It was a nod to my film background. Plus, it gets people's attention immediately haha. 

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Posted (edited)

I watched this earlier this week as well.  Excellent quality on content and production.  I subscribed like 3 minutes into it.  Thanks and good luck with your productions!


Edit add:


I liked it spoke in language I understood, and didn't try to sound too young and hip, or too technical, like someone trying to impress people with knowledge they may or may not have, by simply using 25 cent words.   And when there was technical speak, it was usually done in a context the layman like me could pick up on.   

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Saw this video not too long ago and quickly became of fan of Homer's work.

Great break down and worthwhile info on each player.

Looking forward to seeing more content.

Good job on the horned skull as well.

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Some pretty fun clips of Conner punking the Katy DE going to am, Sylla (?) Would be interesting to see that whole game tape. 

Casey Cain has some of the funnest highlights of any offensive guy in our class, idgaf about his ranking.

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18 hours ago, UDontKnow said:

@Texas Homer any plans to do a video on what to expect on defense under Coach PK? 

I learned the hard way to mute your vids for the first 4-5 seconds, lest my family think I am in great distress.

I have already written the PK defensive strategy video. Going to start VO today and edit. You should see it in the next few days.

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2 minutes ago, Texas Homer said:

Haha that's all part of the game. OU, A&M, Bama fans like to show up give a thumbs down and dip out haha.

You're new here, so there's something you should know about this board.

They are referred to as 'aggy' here. 

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Can somebody compare Brooks to Ingram as far as being a smaller school player?

That's the only thing that should bother anybody at all. Lesser competition.

BR is special, and, from a non-football state. Hope brooks will trade reps with him for the right reasons.

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