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WVU @ VA Tech; 6:30 ESPN


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14 minutes ago, PittsburghTiger said:

What "home cooked" ?

Bad calls and no calls in that game particularly in second half. Several no call personal fouls on a Pitt. Hey, Pitt came to play. Refs influenced the outcome, as they often do, made it more difficult for W Va to have a chance to win, imho. Pitt gets the W, not arguing that.

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best call of the day by the announcer on a 4th and 2.  where the LOS is a thick black line and the LTG is a thick yellow line 2 yards away....

the ballcarrier clearly never even makes it back to the original LOS.... and our announcer says.


"i dont think he made it"


uh no fucking shit, that was obvious to anyone who isnt color blind 

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I’m about 25 mins behind. The announcers are slobbering all over this ref and how he keeps his physique so fit. WTF…sounded like Lowell Galindo busting a nut over UTSA. I’m waiting for the GameDay feature about how a botched LASIK job turned into a trial of perseverance for this ref and how he wouldn’t let shitty vision get in his way of becoming a Big 12 ref and fucking Texas despite not being able to see shit.

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