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1 hour ago, NoRagrets said:

Live, the men’s rumble and the finale were epic.

Lot of people in the audience genuinely mad at Jay. 

Crowd was pretty pissed at Roman.  On tv, Jay and Sami were cheered

13 hours ago, Fudbelty said:

Few Twitter folks took Rhodes jumping over the ropes will lead to him and Rey feud/mania.

Isn't Rhodes going after Reigns now?

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Isn't Rhodes going after Reigns now?

You’re likely right. I don’t follow the stories or the internet explanations. My son is 7 and knows worlds more than I do. After just a quick twitter look I think Rey may have been injured Friday and they will just use it all to build the Dom/Rey.
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Jericho's like 60. Dude wrestled in WCW.

For years 

WTF is he even doing there nevermind getting main billing?

They have a dude blatantly ripping off WCW "The Crow" Sting?

WTF happened to wrestlers? Aren't they supposed ro look like big tough guys? There's tons of stories of old school wrestlers getting in brawls in bars. More than half those people don't look like they could fight their way out of a paper bag. That one dude looks like he's in high school

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