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Boise State @ Texas Series Thread

Horny Bull

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First D1 game for Boise in 40 years. Same rotation as last weekend. 


Friday: 7 pm

Saturday: 2 pm

Sunday: 12:30 pm


FRIDAY–Texas Jr. RHP Bryce Elder (1-0, 3.00) vs. Boise State R-So. LHP Travis Weston (0-0, 0.00)
SATURDAY–Texas So. RHP Ty Madden (1-0, 0.00) vs. Boise State Jr. RHP Mitch Lines (0-0, 0.00)
SUNDAY–Texas So. Coy Cobb (0-0, 2.08) vs. Boise State Jr. LHP Dawson Day (0-0, 0.00)

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mmm,  My Texas Baseball ego surmised that Boise St had asked for the series to begin the resurrection of their progam with a historic program.  


On Thursday, Pierce said there wasn’t much rhythm or reason to this decision. The Longhorns simply needed someone to play at home:

We needed a home weekend and sometimes you have choices and sometimes it’s a matchup. Us wanting to play at home week two and their program being available (out) of a handful. Then you look at which one fits best. Is it a Boise State? Or is it a team out of the northeast that you know nothing about? I know they’ll have some good players because they’ll recruit pretty heavily out of California, and they’ve had some players on their campus, I think, for a year. It just kind of happened to be honest with you. We’re pretty strategic about our scheduling, but that one was kind of filling a void more than anything.”



Boise St has a coaching staff with MLB experience.




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28 minutes ago, VirginiaLonghorn said:

Every ML park has some type of advertising behind home plate .. without the distraction of glaring lighting.

That shit’s gotta go. 


24 minutes ago, pops said:

Plastic grass and plastic base paths are an abomination against god. 

& This!

22 minutes ago, Biff Tannen said:

And plastic warning tracks.

& This!

4 minutes ago, zlavydra said:

What the fuck was the LF doing there? 3-0 Texas.

It looked awful but he was not catching that.

Good to see Pierce give Cam the start, he deserves it. Dixon just looks awful at the plate, an automatic out so far this season.

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