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Insanely talented Youtubers


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What are some of the Youtubers that make your jaw drop?

Lately I've been obsessed with this guy Ichika Nito. He plays insanely fast, made more impressive by the fact that he plays mostly clean. Most of his videos are a minute or shorter so you don't have to wait for the good parts.

Here's him playing a Ibanez 9 string:


He also plays in the strangest tuning. Here's a compilation.


And finally him playing a song with only harmonics


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This man has become my favorite living guitarist.  I admit I don't keep up with many of today's artists, but I'm not aware of anyone who plays this kind of music anymore, much less play it this well.


And then there's this:


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2 hours ago, Buzzrock said:


I saw that exact video maybe 8 or 9 years ago and it inspired me to get back into guitar. 12 guitars, 8 amps, and countless practice hours later, I can play Bark at the Moon almost as well as she does.

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This guy, Howard Gee, was a co-developer of Catlinbread Guitar pedals. When the owner and his best friend was killed by a tree falling on him Howard just left the company broken hearted and hardly does anything anymore.

Anyway, he demoed all their pedals for them and would make videos using them at home or at friends house and I think they may be the best rock guitarist I’ve come across on YouTube.

I think he is better than Andy at Reverb.com. His version of Since I’ve Been Loving You from Zep, unreal

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