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Texas Recruiting Notes 2022 - All Gas No Brakes

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59 minutes ago, George Clooney said:

Ohio St is going hard after Ewers, Burton, Cooper, and possibly Dewberry in this cycle. Day has landed three 5 star/extremely high 4 star QBs in a row (Fields, Stroud, McCord), and I don’t think Ewers is concerned about that. 

fosu can ...


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I work closely with a certain previously committed 5 star QB's father (hint: its Quinn Ewers, for those who haven't been following recruiting closely like I have) and chatted with him a bit this after

I find all of the angst about Murphy to be laughable. After Ewers, he's the guy I've been cheering for Texas to land for 3 weeks. Texas has a healthy QB room right now and that isn't going to change.

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On 8/7/2020 at 10:10 AM, Ricky's one-hitter said:

It's still early, but this is a great example of how deep Texas is in 2022. In 2021, Jalen Milroe is ranked 82nd and is #10 in-state. 

This is why aggy is absolutely fucked in '22. None of these kids will have friends on the team, engaged hs coaches, or familiarity with the aggy staff because they haven't been hanging around their school recruiting the classes ahead of them. 


These are the respective high schools of Texas kids in the top 150 (composite) nationally along with how many current roster and committed players (no walk-ons) also went there. aggy has the expected advantage at Katy, although it's only their kicker, Small and DITR 2021 TE, Fernando Garza that make up those 2. They also have an advantage at Dickinson. They have an unexpected advantage at Carroll, though that's irrelevant to the prospect there. 

More data:

Unique Texas high schools on each roster, excluding walk-ons (ie high schools where staff has effectively recruited): Texas - 59, aggy - 59

Roster distribution of unique high schools


Now that's the stuff. And, unfortunately for aggy, the above isn't a result of misses. It's a result of not recruiting in-state. So, in a deep 2022, how likely is it that aggy can generate momentum in-state? And who could they purchase in an attempt to recruit for them? Is there a Demetrious Davis in 2022? It's already apparent that Bobby Taylor is a whiny bitch, so it won't be him. Sylla is quiet, won't be him. They're chasing an oos QB, won't be him (they've offered 9 QBs for '22, only Ewers is in Texas and he ain't going there). In fact, of 147 offers in '22, only 38 of them are for Texas players. 5 are committed elsewhere, and most of the rest is just star-chasing the top of the in-state class. 

Texas is in a good position early in '22. We were in a similar position before we shit the bed last season, but did not have the benefit of another year of aggy fucking around oos behind us. If you look at the top 25, we're the perceived leader or co-leader for 10, with significant traction in some of the national battles like Ewers, Burton, and Tavorus Jones. 


aggy has a lead or is at least in the conversation for Dickinson, Katy, Atascocita, and Summer Creek kids. Sound familiar? That's the Houston suburb group that will bang aggy's door down to look at their prospects. Any proactive in-state efforts result in a lean?


So who are we really recruiting against for Texas prospects this cycle? 

Chokelahoma, LSU, fOSU, (perpetually) Alabama, and that's about it. 



this is very, very well done. thank you for posting it!

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7 minutes ago, Elmer_Fudd said:

Will this be a 2 RB class?  Jones/Blue + Price as an APB?

I think two normal backs makes sense since Roschon graduates after 2022 (didn't redshirt) and Bijan probably leaves early after three years, and Brooks might be more depth than a difference maker 

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54 minutes ago, WokelikeWolken said:

Hearing it may be a BIG, BIG day for the Horns.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

im going to dm you the name to confirm 

thought it was going to happen towards end of month guess timeline changed

props  u r legit 


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1 minute ago, SydneyCarton said:

Do we want to begin the guess train? Big Big means top talent. Obviously there's none bigger than Ewers. But I'm going to go with a combination of new purported recruiting chops and the unexpected and guess Denver Harris. You know, as long as we're wish-casting. 

Ewers wants to have 1 year of throwing to Omeire. Has to be it.

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