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2021 NBA Playoffs


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47 minutes ago, PittsburghTiger said:

I have not been paying attention to the NBA because I always wait until the playoffs. Are these just one-game playoffs, so to speak, the next couple of nights?


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Oh my God the Nets would fucking murder Boston. At least Washington has some experience against those guys with Westbrook and I feel like they could get under their skin and run with BKN a little better.

If I'm Boston I'd seriously consider losing this one and winning the next game to get the 6ers matchup. Or just losing both for draft capital.

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8 minutes ago, Machinator said:

Don't know if TNT changed the mixing but this is one of the few game broadcats that appears to have real crowd sound.

Some of these games have actually had a few thousand butts in seats which makes it easier to mix I would think if your are pumping in on top of it.

Especially in Boston.

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Just now, MNLonghornFUKM said:

Glad to hear Marv is retiring. He’s really putting to me to sleep calling this game

beal hit a bomb 3 at the end of the shot clock while washington was playing 4 on 5 because bertans was down and marv didn't even acknowledge it.

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I'm pretty stoked for Celtics / Nets. Not because I think the series is going to be remotely competitive, but just for the Celtic fan schadenfreude.  Remember how bad they fleeced the Nets in that Garnett/Pierce trade? Yeah... that really didn't work out how anybody saw it. And to top it off, they get to watch Kyrie Irving take a huge dump all over them after he poisoned their locker room and then bailed. And what's fucked is that their current players somehow seem to revere him. If they had played their cards differently, maybe it's Boston that winds up with Kyrie, Durant and Harden? I can't imagine how bad this has to stick in the Celtic's fans craw, especially since their hubris and sense of entitlement runs only (slightly) behind that of the Lakers. For so many years, Red Auerbach outmaneuvered the rest of the league and it looked like Ainge did too. And now.... this is got to be tough to watch.

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