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2021 College World Series Thread

TrashMaster G

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2 minutes ago, Augustus said:

It's the difference between fan vs pro.

You say "safe" once to get it on the record.

You say "very safe" it makes it look like we're scared of the umpire!

I mean I waited for the ultra slo mo replay. It looked close live but he looked safe live. 

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26 minutes ago, Beau Vine said:

Yes, they were something like 50-7 and ranked #1 at the end of the regular season, but got punked by Irvine in the Regionals.

Whoops, they actually lost in the SR to Michigan.  I was thinking of Bauer/Cole's final year when they got got by zot.  

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Just now, msucolt45 said:

If I was sitting “close” to the Vandy Whistler I’d break my chair-back over his/her head! I’d expect Surly’s finest to bail my fat ass out!

As long as “the Vandyboys” are behind, I say let him go. But if that changes, whack him.

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, Machinator said:

10 retired in a row for Rocker.

Very efficient after getting thru the first … and getting command of his breaking ball.  He can pitch. 

.. and the Arizona P has been every bit as effective by pitching to contact.

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1 hour ago, Lat22 said:

You are. They’re good but not unbeatable. I’m just sick of ESPN slobbering all over these guys. 

It's part of ESPN's MO at the CWS every year. They talk incessantly about the top MLB prospects. 

19 minutes ago, NeverMarryAStripper said:

Any team with uniforms that ugly deserves the Whistler

aggy says "hi".

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