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Hood fights and other hood shenanigans

Goo Punch

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1 hour ago, BLKNSTY said:

Sorry fellas. Tyrone is fake as fuck, entertaining, but scripted none the less.

Check out Big Brody, makes Tyrone look like a lightweight.

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Nice link

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8 hours ago, Kennythetiger said:

I don't understand the placement of the couch.  Seems like they can't use that door at the end.  Plus that girl is filthy.  Make her take a shower before she gets back on the couch.

I like this comment in the youtube comment section:

This is a weird casting couch


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14 minutes ago, tx ind said:

Was hoping she would have landed a small blow with the stool so the big one would really let her have it

My favorite part of the video was when she casually walked up the girl with chair in her hand, and just yanked it away from her. 

If her tit hadn't been blurred, THAT (most likely) would have been my favorite part. 

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Just watched 4th/5 video and previous statement is confirmed, because titty.
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