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Hood fights and other hood shenanigans

Goo Punch

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28 minutes ago, SurlyBDR said:

Must have been good. Its removed already 

Just realized they are a private page. You have to follow them to see their content. It won't allow it to embed if that is the case. It's still there. It was a fight outside a Dollar Tree in the Dallas area.

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9 hours ago, TwiceHorn said:

Why are these videos so common among black folk?  Is it just that they are more likely to video and post them at a place like worldstar (with phone in portrait, jfc)?

Yeah, and they're more tolerant of fighting in the street.  

Whitey is calling 911, the black dude is pulling out his Cricket Wireless phone and screaming "WORLDSTAR"

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On 5/15/2018 at 10:02 AM, JimmyHoffa said:

Does a Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells apply? 

plastic chairs are serious business-


A brawl that broke out at a Wisconsin water park on Mother's Day with people throwing chairs, garbage cans and food started when someone took a chair from another group's table, according to police.




Wisconsin Dells has about 10 water parks. This one is ghetto as fuck. Basically, they bought up several old parks and made it into  one huge park. They keep lowering prices because about every 5 years someone dies on a ride. 

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On 5/14/2018 at 1:13 PM, Goo Punch said:

This is the funniest hood fight I’ve ever seen. Nothing like some yankee poor white trash:




I'd rather be a prison guard than work in a cheap motel. People in prison have to meet certain standards to get in.

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