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Texas to legalize gambling?


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Two Texas lawmakers on Tuesday filed legislation backed by the gaming empire Las Vegas Sands that would legalize casino gambling in Texas.

The legislation was filed by Rep. John Kuempel, R-Seguin, in the House and Sen. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, in the Senate. Rep. Toni Rose, D-Dallas, was later added as a joint author on the House proposal.

The proposals would create special casino licenses for four "destination resorts" in the state's four largest metropolitan areas: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. At the same time, it would establish a Texas Gaming Commission to regulate the casinos, tax table games and slot machines and separately legalize sports betting.

It would require amending the state constitution, which seems unlikely to pass at this point, but perhaps the political climate for gambling is more favorable than I imagine. 

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Here is a good follow-up of the "hold-ups":


Basically Patrick and Paxton are the problems, but article seems to think Abbott could be swayed and bring them along. Based on Abbott's ERCOT exposure, there might be an opening. Heck tie long term revenue to funding education and winterization.

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Patrick has been wishy washy with the issue and finally came out “mostly against” it in an online response with Scott Braddock. I don’t think the revenues vs spending will be so drastic where it has to be addressed. If it comes up for a vote there are probably enough in the state Senate to get it done, if he can frame a good reason

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The amount of money that Texas lets go across the borders to Louisiana and Oklahoma is insane. 

Obviously no Texas politician has driven an interstate to the state line. Up 35 at Thackerville Oklahoma has the largest casino in the world, expanding hotels, big name acts, and maybe soon a tiger king zoo. The parking lot is 90% Texas plates. First thing going south across the Red River just past the Drive Friendly the Texas Way sign is a decrepit X rated video emporium. Similar on us 75 and all the east west byways.
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