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2022 MLB thread


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Freeman was just on mlb network and they asked him about it and he took the high road, but was also very boomerish

He said he loved and loves Acuna etc, but then went on this whole "when you put on Braves uniform should have eye black down your cheek, no long hair, no earrings, can't cover the A on the hat with sunglasses blah blah blah" and since he was a leader he enforced it

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38 minutes ago, Hank Chinaski said:

Turning down that offer is a bold move for a 30-year old with his injury history. 

Don't worry, baseball players who are 6'7" and 285 pounds tend to age extremely well.  I think even Helobious brought this up last year.  

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1 hour ago, TonyTexas said:

Will @Helobious still slobber all over him when he’s playing somewhere else in 2023? Hell, it might even be this season when the Yankees are out of the race and trade him at the deadline 


I don’t think he’ll be slobbering over him next year.  We aren’t slobbering over Correa at MIN are we?  Are we supposed to be?  I has confuzed.

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28 minutes ago, BehoId, The Underminer! said:

sister just texted  me that she is chilling poolside with joe gallo.  i said 'wtf! get to the office, joey!  it's opening day!'  


she meant the billionaire gallo wines heir. you can tell where my mind's at.

Is she sure it’s not Joe Callo?


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