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2023 MLB thread


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5 minutes ago, Helobious said:

Cole just mowing these bitches down. I know it’s pretty early but holy shit I think we have something special this year. 

annnnnd he's back! LOL helo, you are too good man. "oh shit, gerrit cole is striking guys out through his first two innings of the season, 162-0 here we come, suck it losers!" 

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2 hours ago, Underdog said:

Have the Pirates been mathematically eliminated from the POs yet? 


1 hour ago, Shoxthemonkey said:


Probably. So have the Royals.

Clemente and Mays were my favorite players when I was a kid. I have followed those two NL teams as a result.


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17 minutes ago, TonyTexas said:

And 12 is more than 11. From a guy you didn’t have a clue existed. 

I just keep picturing Jeter’s smiling face next to your username. Now you probably wish you had waited a few hours before making that bet after seeing how today’s been going.

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52 minutes ago, Vic Mackey said:
On 3/29/2023 at 12:36 AM, shadow_operative2.0 said:
Most of this board is understandably AL-focused. Let’s throw out an NL team that you will be watching. 
I’ll go with the Rockies just to be different. 

Brewers for me.

Speaking of teams that should be in the AL...

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