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Euro 2020/2021


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12 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:

This is the main thing. The clubs did what was important for the clubs. And they should, they are the ones investing the most time/money for these guys to be ready.

But I very much agree these guys were gassed at the end of the season. Spurs fans were all wondering why Kane was playing 90 for a ton of games when he should have been resting as much as he could get in. 

No question England is not France/Belgium good. But they are easily a top 5 team at this tournament, especially talent wise. I think looking at this you see the difference in when a team plays well together (France) and when they don’t (England). That’s coaching. 

This very much. It seems to be their thing always 

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5 minutes ago, shadow_operative said:

wow. all of those squandered chances come back to haunt France. welp, should have started Giroud.

This is where soccer is a cruel sport. Don’t score your chances, it can bite you in the butt. 

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Just now, PenelopeWitherspoon said:
1 minute ago, Spider2YBanana said:
Man this has to be a kick to the nuts. All those chances and just netted one. 

It is. Just really frustrating.

If you gave me 5 guesses on the game, tying wouldn't have been one. I was 99% sure France would win by 1-2 goals. Off night for them. 

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England is going to regret not hiring a competent manager.  What is the point of playing Phillips and Rice against freaking Scotland?  Rice is more than enough at DM with Mount and Grealish in front of him.  Sancho needs to replace Foden immediately.  Dude has done nothing since hitting the post against Croatia.  Trippier and Chilwell should be starting at RB and LB, respectively.  Rashford, who is hurt, is a LW and should only play LW particularly when Shaw is playing LB.  A big part of Kane's problem is not enough creativity in MF, too much selfishness on the wings and poor service from the FBs.







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