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Tell me about SMU

Longboard Horn

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1 hour ago, Longboard Horn said:

@CenTXpony @ztejas to the courtesy phone. Were y'all there during the Pony Express years? Death penalty? After the death penalty?

I was SMU-adjacent during the Pony Express/Death Penalty years.  Several friends and acquaintances are visible in the crowd footage at DKR-TMS from the 30/30.

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18 hours ago, ztejas said:

SMU junior golfer Charles Osborne is playing in the US Amateur final tomorrow - just 5 years after Dechambeau won it as a junior.

2 US Am champs in 5 years would be pretty pretty pretty hot shit.

He would be 5th since ‘98 too. 

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13 minutes ago, 4th&Five said:

Osborne will be trying to join Bryson DeChambeau (2015), Kelly Kraft (2011), Colt Knost (2007) and Hank Kuehne (1998) as Mustangs who have won the championship.

Forgot about Kelly. 

Osborne 1 down through 25.

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4 hours ago, LTtxfan said:

SMU vs Memphis game last year currently on ESPNU... interesting comment just now about how the faster paced smu offense helps overcome having a weaker OL 


Who is new SMU OC for 2020??

That was a fun game and from what I recall it was a trash week overall that led to Gameday showing up.

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