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Edit: Driving douchebaggery


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10 hours ago, NYTransplant said:

Not sure if we're running with this, but I watched a guy perform a u-turn 100 ft. from a rotary yesterday. 100 ft. from entering the rotary to be clear . . .

A roundabout?

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1 minute ago, NYTransplant said:

Tomato/tomato. Yes.

Ain’t no tomato / tomato gonna play around here, home chicken.  

It is a roundabout.  Take you rotary back to NY and leave it there. 

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2 hours ago, closetohumping said:

99% of the driving populace can’t handle roundabouts 

I have told this before...

I grew up in and around Waco.  These days, the circle is clearly marked.  Yield to traffic in the circle.  Of course there is still fuckery because people don't know what yield signs are nor turn signals.

In my days there, there were no markings.  It was pretty much the wild west every time you drove through it.  I had the occasion to ask two different Waco police officers about who had the right of way in the circle.  I got two different answers.  (Yield to traffic in the circle v. traffic in circle yields to feeders)

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No, I’m not just trying to let everyone know I’m in Praiano (between Amalfi and Positano) ….

….but two godawful cruise ship excursions playing chicken on the practically one and a half lane Amalfi Coast Highway

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