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World Cup Semifinal 2 - France v Morocco

Captain Ron

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dead horse i have been beating here but if france's back four don't get their stupidity in the check, we are officially at the rounds where they are going to pay.

part of me thinks that the lights are going to get real bright for mar and there will be some mistakes that the bleus should be able to seize upon.

that said, any team that cleansheets croatia, belgium, spain, and portugal in a single tournament is not to be trifled with.

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I think this is the game where Cinderella turns into an ugly step-sister, and France will be the stepbro that finds her stuck in the dryer. 4-0 France.

All depends on how long it takes to get that first goal, but if I’m France I’m coming out charging from the gate.
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4 minutes ago, Tex48 said:

is the crowd pretty much all Moroccans? Sounded like the whole crowd was singing the anthem on the broadcast.

i thought i read something about the main morocco airport shut down to fly everyone to doha? or some shyt like that 

3 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:

Thing is Morocco has been a solid defensive side all tournament. They have blanked Croatia, Belgium, Spain and Portugal* thus far. They have the defense that might be able to give France fits.


* Canada is the only team that has scored on them - they have that going for them

own goal doe....

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