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World Cup Final - Argentina vs France

Captain Ron

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8 hours ago, Napoleon said:

Some sights of Buenos Aires…

Large artist drawing a chalk portrait of Messi on the pedestrian section of Avenida Corrientes (El Obelisco is in the distance of the second photo.)




Festive decorations in the Carrefour Express as the slightly plump girl in front of me waits to buy a bag of frozen French fries in her fake Messi jersey.



And ad for something with members of the team.



A much more interesting ad on the street for something… probably female skin.



One of many famous Generals on horseback. (This one happens to be Gen Alvear, whose son was the first mayor of what is now known as Buenos Aires and whose grandson was a president.)



The church next to the famous Recoleta Cemetery.



And what I got for changing US$200 with my buddy’s friend who works for the National Congress. (When I arrived in 2007, the official exchange rate was US$1 to AR$3.1. When I left I late 2014 it was US$1 to about AR$9, but the street rate was about AR$15.)



Yesterday the official rate was about US$1 to AR$172, but we got US$1 to AR$318.

in 2007 I would have changed my US$200 for AR$620. Yesterday I got…

😳 AR$63,600 😳

My Argentine buddy hasn’t been back since 2019 (he’s married to an American and lives in the U.S.) and he couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was either. 

It’s maddening that Argentina is such an economic basket case and they suffer ridiculous currency devaluations like that regularly. They don’t have cartels and gangs like in Mexico and Central America strangling legitimate businesses (even with that the MX peso has not depreciated like the Argentine currency). You don’t expect a country with its background and composition to be a mess economy.

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