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Texas Rangers 2023 - They're Still Shitty?


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Bochy early lock for manager of the year.

Catcher position looking ok so far even if they keep splitting starts.

Garver on pace for .500/162 HR/486 RBI

Heim .500/0 HR/486 RBI

Heim needs to work on the power numbers though.

But, 162 and 0 and sweep of every postseason series and individual awards is pretty obvious now.



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1 hour ago, TxTower said:

I’m willing to go on record as “not a fan of the baby blues”. Should leave that to the Twins and Phillies. But gotta sell more Merch to pay those big contracts I suppose.

Some folks love them. I am not one of these people.

I lasted about a minute watching Arod and whoever the hell Other Guy is.

Hard pass 

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