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If BaD Radio isn't on from 3-7 p.m. ...


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54 minutes ago, futureman said:

did anyone here watch fucking smallville?  and if you did, do you care enough about to listen to a podcast about it?  and because the answer is obviously no, why are these dipshits advertising on the ticket app?

That show changed their lives forever and maybe yours, too.

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33 minutes ago, Frank The Tank said:

And why do those fucking ads run right over the middle of a segment? I get that I may not always like certain ads, but it’s especially worse when I am forced to miss content for them. 

2 taps on the 15 sec FF to skip the Smallville crap. I haven't noticed them doing it the last day or two.

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4 hours ago, pops said:

But have you been keeping safety in the back of your mind for a year? 

The always keep safety in the back of your mind by some soft spoken half-drunk weird Cajun is an odd choice. The add-on advice of staying humble is flat out creepy. I drove bus. 

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On 1/20/2023 at 8:40 PM, Longhornstampede said:

What the fuck does that even mean. And I hadn't really noticed it until your post. Now I can't unheard or uncringe

It means that dude is a pussy.  Whenever I get bored I go out in the yard with my sharpshooter and dig holes wherever the fuck I want because I'm a bad ass. 

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