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Rick Barnes thread

Goo Punch

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6 minutes ago, Underdog said:

Surprised they didn't go to the big man more often, Big O really couldn't stop him. 

and that's the thing- it goes back to my post up there page about the difference in regular season vs ncaa tourney games. you look up at the kenpom numbers on tennessee's players and Uros Plavsic is ag the very bottom of the page, last under the "role players" category. for tennessee it's a different guy every time out, which is great for the regular season. but you've got it have *somebody* that's a go-to player to win in the tournament, and this team just does not have that. 

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1 hour ago, shadow_operative said:

Tennessee now no.1 in kenpom:



They're really good. Given the lack of top-tier teams this season, sans Purdue, Tennessee should be a lock for a Sweet 16, let alone an Elite 8. I obviously don't see them losing to a 16, or an 8/9 for that matter. They shouldn't lose to a 4 seed either. We'll see if Barnes under performs again, I guess. Granted, technically anything less than a Final 4 is under performing for a 1 seed.

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