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34 minutes ago, CooterBrown said:

I have started buying some compilations from Numero Group. They go find the lost releases from bands that help establish a scene but never made it big.

This album, Lone Star Lowlands, covers a forgotten rock scene in Beaumont in the 60s and 70s. It’s really good stuff.


breakaway stocks all the numero group releases, most of them are really good. 

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What Numero and other boutique reissue or compilation labels release is just miles away from the stuff that could be more accurately described as "nostalgic". Its like you have some music fans who listen to the same music from their teenage years and keep listening to it over and over again. Then you have other music obsessive types who are constantly listening to something different and moving on and discovering things that are new to them. Numero goes to great lengths to get their licensing and other legal things in order and get the reissues done the right way. Its for the type of music obsessive for whom the past is almost infinite.

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Most of the US sourced copies of the best film score ever sound like ass (most were made from a damaged tape and have a ton of distortion). I have one that is okay, but even for being NM it isn’t the quietest. A Japanese copy finally showed up from a US seller for under median so I grabbed it, and I’m loving it.

This version of the album cover also kicks the shit out of the US one.


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Haha!  On Marketplace.  Very rare 😀

Don’t ask if it’s available!  They’re available as long they’re posted!

.. I won’t answer back !


both in excellent condition / shape

check all pics before texting..

$200 for both as a package deal

cash or Zelle / Venmo / CashApp and pick up in Spring

serious buyers only please



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Went to Seattle last weekend for my pilgrimage to the mother ship.

Went to Easy Street Records in West Seattle. Known for the Mother Love Bone mural painted by Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament



Procured vinyl



We stayed in the Belltown area and stopped by a record store called Singles Going Steady. They specialize in punk. Talked to the owner, Byron, for a while. He said Mike McCready regularly drops in weekly on Tues or Thurs.

We did the grunge site tour the day before and drove by the Paramount. Picked up the Nirvana album of their live show there.


We went to the Sub Pop store in downtown-ish Seattle; it was underwhelming. I talked to the person working there, and he’s in a band called So Pitted. Apparently, he likes to make props and throw them into the audience during shows. He said one time he hit some guy in the head and was confused when the guy got pissed off. Doesn’t seem like a recipe for success to brain people at your show. But maybe it’s performance art that’s over my head.

Anyway, Sub Pop has a great store at the Seattle airport. I blew the rest of my wad there on t shirts, turntable slipmats and other assorted grunge paraphernalia. Only thing stopping me and the wife was available space in our carry ons.

Got the latest Built to Spill. I have tix to see them Dallas in Apr.






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3 hours ago, tbone_ said:

Did you go to the experience music project?

Short answer: yes.

Per the googles, this is now called MoPop. We went to MoPop and saw the nirvana and pearl jam exhibits. They’re both badass.  PJ exhibit is ending mid Apr.

This was all funded by Paul Allen. Respect.

KEXP is the radio station that promotes the local scene. They identify 12 bands each year and put on three shows with four bands playing each show. The third show was on the weekend I was in town. The show is free but I made a small donation. When I got there, I soon realized I was amongst high school kids and their parents. Awkward. That being said. They’re damn creative up there. Bands covered pop-grunge, disco, singer songwriter, and as best described as devo-esque performance art techo rock. The future of sound is in good hands.





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I’ve been buying some Dinked Editions on occasion. They’re limited archival pressings of both new indie and and classic albums from UK artists. You can only buy them from independent record shops in the UK so shipping is like $25.

Just got Craig Armstrong’s As If To Nothing in the mail. There are few perfect albums but this is one of them.


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I’ve been looking for a copy of John Moreland & the Dust Bowl Soul’s Everything the Hard Way for a few years. Asked people in record stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and Seattle. Each time I got a nod and a “Yeah that’s a tough one” response.

There’s a chat feature on discogs. I checked the chat for the album. A couple years ago, one user asked if anyone had a copy for sale. Another user said they had two copies. The user who had the copies is a record store in Tulsa.

On a whim, I called the store and asked if they had a copy for sale. Turns out the guy who engineered the album works at the store. He sold me his personal copy.

As he was packing it up to ship the bassist on the album, walked into the store. He was the guy on the cover flipping the bird.  He recreated the album cover.






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It’s really, really good. Sounds so much better on vinyl than Spotify.

I get really strong Seattle vibes. I guess all of them were raised on the best music.

Marrowbone sounds like if Courtney Love fronted Mudhoney. Slater has some early Soundgarden UltraMega OK era influence going on.

Honestly, the single Hair of Dog is great but it’s probably the weakest track and that’s saying something.

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I agree with that assessment.  Tons of Seattle influence, plus a fair amount of Black Sabbath and some other metal bands, plus Sonic Youth.  (SY is what I hear most in "Marrowbone".)

They always close their sets with "Slater" followed immediately by "Monkey Song", with no break, and it is really, really heavy.  We went to their KUTX taping last night and some of the usual patrons were visibly surprised by how visceral and tight their sound is.  The broadcast should happen soon.  They were afraid to broadcast them live, LOL.

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The rest of the haul.  Impressive amount of folks for the store in town.  Overwhelming majority were aiming for a Taylor Swift record.  Neighbor kid snagged one.  Apparently a huge deal for those who are fans.



1C2958A6-C6C6-4047-A46D-9450D8B3D16F.jpegEdit to add more of the ODB and Orb/LSP.  These are really nice.  Had no idea what I was getting as I had not researched record store day releases this year.  Quality stuff.  Most picture discs don’t do much for me but these really pop in person.


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On 4/15/2023 at 9:42 PM, UTCzech III said:

Hit up an estate sale today, walked away with a nice haul













Bing Crosby Christmas is on my acquisition list.  But something seems to beat it out on my once-per-month (3 times this month) record buy.

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i haven't been in several years but it used to be really good. lots of bargains and i always had to set a budget for the day because there was tons of shit i wanted. 

It was great, although you had to sift through some gouging. Pretty crowded at 10am yesterday. Got the white album in great shape for $15.
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levitation fucked up and sent out the new night beats album 2 months early. i was surprised when i received it in the mail, then they sent this email. lol, sure thing. 

Due to an error at our fulfillment warehouse, your order of NIGHT BEATS - RAJAN shipped early, ahead of its July 14, 2023 release.
Our apologies for this mistake. On behalf of the artist we ask that you:
- do not open the record until the release date, in order to preserve the record release experience for everyone 
- do not post about the record on social media until the release date (and delete anything already posted)
Generally what we’re asking you is :
Can you keep a secret? Let’s keep this record under wraps together until the release date :)
Thank you for your understanding and for your order. 
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I picked up the Cars "Shake it Up" last month at Josey Records in Dallas.  Huge store.  Good prices for good product mostly.  I think SIU ran me $12.


Also, broke down and ordered a Europe copy of The Last Waltz off of discogs.  I'm trying to be patient while it rides the rowboat over here.

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Went to the equipment room in austin. Markets itself as a listening room with a very expensive hifi setup. Turns out it's not a listening room at all, just a pretentious bar with an $18 cocktail list and the worst beer selection in the city. They act like they want people to be quiet and listen to music but it was loud as fuck in there with people talking. Cool to look at all their expensive gear but hard pass on going back.

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