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2022 College World Series Thread

Horny Bull

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Just now, Rickylovesweed said:

aggy going to burn their best bullpen arms now down 4-0? 

Day off tomorrow either way.  You just wouldn't want to leave them in too long unless your bats show signs of getting back in it.

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, Cairn Horn88 said:

Wow….2 run hit

4-0 already!


Yeah anybody who thought A&M was going to show up full of competitive fire and give OU a 14 inning war clearly doesn't understand these two schools. OU wins and A&M chokes.

Fuck this. But also: LOL A&M

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I mean, what I really want is a 20-20 tie going into the 20th inning with each team burning 10 pitchers.

But watching the ags get their ass kicked is also kinda fun.  I've heard way more ags popping off about their success this season, than I have sooners.  Probably, because I don't actually know any sooners.

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4 minutes ago, FloridaHorn said:

The ags look a bit tight/nervous. That happens when you are not used to playing for championships.

Talk big. Perform small. It's the aggy way.

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