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World Cup Day 13 - Groups G & H Final Matchday

Captain Ron

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1 minute ago, PittsburghTiger said:

That shit is bad for Uruguay to be chasing the refs. There should be some fines.

I turned off my audio but watching it I quickly started wondering why there were no security guards intervening. Looked like the URU players were about to start throwing punches.

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12 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:


Kato was the Hornet's assistant and has been played by a number of actors. On radio, Kato was initially played by Raymond Hayashi, then Roland Parker who had the role for most of the run, and in the later years Mickey Tolan and Paul Carnegie.[3] Keye Luke took the role in the movie serials, and in the television series, he was portrayed by Bruce Lee. Jay Chou played Kato in the 2011 Green Hornet film.

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34 minutes ago, Ted Lange said:



They aren't winning shit with that back 4. 

England is probably the only side that could feasibly win with their 2 deep. But their issue isn't really talent - they'd need the right manager. 

@Cheeseweasel yeah I didn't even know Alves was on their roster. 

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