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South Austin's mom. What's the deal with that?

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Wow, how did I miss this thread?
Yeah, whoever said it above got it right. I’m pretty liberal with the mom zingers. Eventually guys on this board turned it around on me, and now my sweet ma is the stand-in for all mom jokes. I’ve always had a group of guy friends who rag on each other, so you develop a thick skin, and I know on this message board, and in life, you better take it as well as you dish it out. I often rep some of the better jokes about my mom. Some of you try too hard though. Keep working on it. It’s like an art form.
Side note: On the old site I made a mom joke and the target poster PM’d me to let me know his mom died of cancer fairly recently. Of course I felt awful and apologized profusely. He was gracious and said it was funny and that his mom probably would’ve laughed, but it was a reminder that sometimes our humor with anonymous posters can hit below the belt with no ill-intent on our part.
Just so you all know, my mom (as well as my dad, a 6’4” former Marine Colonel and veteran of two wars who would kick all of your asses) is alive and doing well.
Until recently, I didn't know "South Austin" was a real person. Thank you for being a good sport.
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