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So, Imma tell a story

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So (because all Snacks stories start with "So"...)
So yesterday I was sitting on a patio at a bar (I think it was Haymerchant) with a professional colleague (that's uppity-speak for 'coworker').
We're having a post luncheon beer. I had a 512 Black IPA, he had a Stout.

(Wtf?! - phone submitted in the middle of my story!!!! Let's continue...)

So colleague and I were looking around the patio and talking about music and food and alcohol and MMA and he notices the fan... It's a Big Ass Fan.

Colleague says something like, "We could use a fan like that in our gym..."
I say, "Yeah, I could use one patio at home, but they're line $3000.... I think. Let's look it up."

I use Duck Duck Go as my browser app and search engine on my phone... I figure I'll find a picture of this particular fan and that will lead me to a price.

Big Ass Fan 32"

Go ahead. DuckDuckGo image search it. Show results to a coworker...

You cant sit wit us.

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