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2021 No Hitter Perfect Game Watch

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7 hours ago, Carl Spackler said:

Congrats to Musgrove.  Hometown kid throws the first no-no in franchise history. 

Against the Rangers. fml

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10 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Kinda feel bad he hit Joey to blow the perfecto. 

Plunking Joey Gallo should be a requirement for a perfect game.

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nothing against gallo, it would just be funny
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2 hours ago, Fudbelty said:

I missed this thread last season, but does MadBum’s 7 inning no hitter do anything for this thread?

The game was only 7 innings by rule. Therefore, it’s a no hitter

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Yeah, I enjoy some of the strangers rules of baseball...gives the game character.  But this one is just weird,

"Congratulations on completing the game with no hits allowed, Madison.  Here's your Complete Game stat update."

"Yeah, I completed the game you pre-set to 7 innings.  And I gave up no hits.  If I complete a whole game with no hits allowed, there's a name for that."

"Oh, let's not throw around empty rhetoric.  We have some lovely parting gifts for you, please enjoy this Shutout addition to your stat line."  

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