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Tell Me About Texas a&m

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You guys seem to like to talk about students dying.  Is there any truth to the rumor that Whitman was actually working for the track and football teams and was trying to find someone that could run a

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36 minutes ago, Randolph Duke said:

Its not letting me do that. I must already be on the admin shit list.

Dude...it’s literally the easiest it can possibly be.  Copy the image URL...paste it in the body of your post.  The site takes care of everything else.

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12 minutes ago, ousux said:

So much pure, solid gold left behind at the shag.

But aggy tends to produce new material daily, so..

Exactly. I wouldn’t worry too much about.  They will do some stupid shit like host a tone deaf presentation or post some ridiculous wedding picture in due time. 

That school is full of dorks without a filter. 

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5 hours ago, Panama Red said:

I love how they throw the baseball ranking on there. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. If aggy knows one thing, it’s chickens

aggy played a joke of a non-conference schedule and are 0-2 in conference series so far. Pretty much the standard under Childress. 

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